lundi 26 décembre 2016


FANTASEA au PAX (cinéma de Biarritz - voir ancien article)

Premier film de surf traduit en Français peut-on lire sur l' affiche, vers 1980

Affiche originale pour le PAX

Fantasea was filmed in South Africa, Hawaii, Australia and California from 1976-1979 and features Terry Fitzgerald, Bobby Owens, Buzzy Kerbox, Tony White, Simon Anderson, Chris Byrne, Ricky Rasmussen, Andrew McKinnon and Mark Warren at Jeffreys Bay in July 1977, perhaps the best 10 days ever. 

South African Gavin Rudolph, Shaun and Michael Tomson at Cave Rock in Durban. 
Mark Richards riding his first early twinfin in Hawaii. 
Simon Anderson testing his early Thrusters at Pipeline. 
Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Dane Kealoha and Mark Lydell riding perfect V-land. 
Colin Smith at Pipeline, Steve Butterworth at Summercloud Bay in Australia.
 Rory Russell and Gerry Lopez at Pipeline 1978. 
Mark Foo disco dancing and surfing at Burleigh.
 George Greenough and Paul Gross airmat riding perfect California. 
Peter Townend, Jeff Crawford, Jackie Dunn, Michael Ho and a cast of thousands on the North Shore. 

L' ancien cinéma

Affiche originale pour le Pax, une autre année vue les dates...

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